Apple Music Tips

How do I get started?

To participate in Apple Music Connect, your music needs to be available on the Apple Music service. It’s easy to sign up and start sharing.

If you do not have music on Apple Music or the iTunes Store:

Sign up now and you’ll automatically get access to Connect.

Other preferred content providers can be found here.

Once your music is on Apple Music and the iTunes Store, or if you already have music there, you can request access to post as an artist on Connect.

You will need to sign in with your Apple ID to get started.

Request Access


Using the new Music app

Apple Music brings a fresh, new look to the Music app in iOS 8 and 9.


  •  When you first open the Music app after you update to iOS 8, you see the option to start a free, three-month trial of Apple Music.
  • When you join Apple Music, you get a whole world of music—all of our 30 million songs and all of your songs—in one library, delivered to all of your devices.You can find all of your music in the My Music tab.
  • The For You tab has music that’s handpicked by experts just for you, and the New tab shows you all of the latest hits.
  • From the Radio tab, you can listen to Beats 1, our first 24/7 worldwide radio station, and Apple Music’s on-demand stations. And you can get content directly from your favorite artists in Connect.
  • With your Apple Music membership, you can add songs from Apple’s catalog to your library, and save them to listen to offline.

My Music & Playlists

The My Music tab makes it easy to navigate all of your music, wherever it comes from—from the iTunes Store, from a rare import CD, or from your Apple Music membership. Every time that you add a song, album, or playlist, we keep it at the top of My Music in Recently Added. Tap the category selector (Artists, Albums, etc.) below Recently Added to sort your music by artists, albums, songs, or other categories.

Play your music

When you play a song, you see the Miniplayer at the bottom of the screen. You can keep browsing other titles to find the perfect next song.


Or you can tap or swipe up on the Miniplayer to see the Now Playing screen and controls.

Tap the   in the upper-left corner or swipe down to close the Now Playing screen.

If you want to listen to an artist’s entire collection of music that you’ve saved to your library, find the artist in My Music.

To the right of the artist’s name, tap  , then tap Add to Up Next.

If you want to listen to all of an artist’s songs even if you don’t have their music in your library, ask Siri to play all of their songs.

Use Siri

With iOS 8.4, Siri takes your music requests. You can ask Siri at any time to “play the top songs from 2015” or “play more songs like this.” You can even ask Siri to “add the new Blur album to my library.”Ask Siri to “play all songs by Pharell Williams” to listen to all of Pharell’s music, even if it’s not in your library, or “play my music by Drake” to listen to Drake’s songs that you have saved to your library. You can also ask Siri to shuffle the songs in an album or playlist while you’re listening to it.

Create a playlist

You can create playlists to listen to or share with friends. If you don’t see a Playlists tab, tap My Music, then tap Playlists at the top of the screen.Under All Playlists, tap New at the right of the screen, above the list of playlists. Fill in details for your playlist, such as the title and description, then add songs. If you like, you can also add an image. When you’re happy with your playlist, tap Done in the upper-right corner.

Share your music

Tap   to share a link to a song or playlist that you love. You can share it to Facebook or Twitter, send in Mail or Messages, or copy the link.Also on the Now Playing screen, you can rewind, pause, or fast forward a song, control the volume, and more.

Tap     to show your Up Next queue, which shows you all of the songs that you’ve selected for playback.
Drag songs with   to rearrange the order, or swipe left to remove a song that you’d like to skip.

Shuffle or repeat your music

Tap   at the bottom of the Now Playing screen to shuffle the songs in a playlist or album. You can also ask Siri to shuffle your music.

Tap   once to play an entire playlist or album on repeat or twice to repeat one song.

Listen offline

You can save songs—including songs that you bought from the iTunes Store, added from Apple Music, or that were matched or uploaded with Apple Music or iTunes Match—to your device for offline listening.

Tap   next to the item.

Then tap Make Available Offline to save them to your device.

To see music that you saved to listen to offline, go to My Music.

Under the Recently Added section, tap the category selector (Artists, Albums, etc.).

Show Music Available Offline is at the bottom of the category list.

When this setting is on, My Music shows only songs that you saved to your device.

Turn this setting off to see all of your music, including music stored in iCloud Music Library.

For You

In the For You tab, you can see music and playlists that are handpicked just for you by our experts. Tap the artwork to view more details about the item as well as full song listings.

Our editors give you playlist and album suggestions multiple times a day. You can pull down on the list to refresh your suggestions. If you want to see something different, you can refine your suggestions at any time.


Apple Music is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in music. The New tab features music that’s new, popular, and up-and-coming each week.

You can also browse handcrafted playlists from our passionate team of music editors and industry partners. Tap on Apple Music Editors to browse by genre editor, Activities to browse by popular activity, or Curators to browse by industry names you’re sure to recognize.

And you can add any of these songs and playlists to your library, too.

Apple Music Radio

Apple Music Radio is a worldwide listening experience.

Learn more about Apple Music Radio, which includes Beats 1, our first 24/7 worldwide radio station.


Keep up with your favorite artists in the Connect tab, where you can find videos, photos, music, and messages from artists that you follow.

Search for or tap an artist to open their artist page, and then tap Follow. When you follow an artist, any new posts that they make are automatically added to your feed on the Connect tab. You can follow an artist even if you don’t have their music in your library.

You can Love posts, write comments to the artist, and see what other fans have to say. You can also share an artist’s post with your friends through social media. Just tap   .

To see the artists that you follow, tap your profile icon in the upper-left corner, and then tap Following. Tap Unfollow to the right of an artist to stop following them. To stop automatically following artists when you add their songs to your music library, turn off Automatically Follow Artists.


Tap the search icon in the upper-right corner to search the Apple Music catalog and see trending searches. You can also use Search to find artists, albums, or songs from which you can create a custom Apple Music Radio station.


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